The Business Centre

Vennetics, an innovator of telecommunications and IT applications, has announced a change of address to a larger office, as part of the company expansion plans. 

Vennetics has completed a move to The Business Centre within The Blackthorn Business Park in Dundalk, Ireland. The original buildings that comprise The Blackthorn Business Park were constructed by the British Army before Irish independence, as a stables for the cavalry. The recent conversion of these buildings to office accommodation, includes fibre optic connections and all of the other facilities required by technology companies.

Kieran Dalton, Chairman of Vennetics said, “After bringing our J-Box products to market in the first quarter of 2011, we have been delighted to win our first carrier deployments of the technology. As a result of this early sales success and closing a recent funding round, it is exciting to see the company move beyond pure product development and into a growth phase, to support live network platforms. I’m confident that all of the software development staff at Vennetics will enjoy working within the modern and contemporary infrastructure provided at The Blackthorn Business Park.”