Traditional service layer platforms for mobile networks have been first developed by equipment providers and then after delivery, operated by mobile carriers. This strict separation between development and operation roles has been deprecated by the IT industry. Instead, DevOps is delivering very significant cost savings and other important business benefits, across many large scale applications.

Vennetics solutions are delivered using an advanced DevOps Toolchain, including support for all of the most widely adopted platforms and technologies. This means that as the global developer community continues to streamline DevOps processes, these improvements can be immediately incorporated into Vennetics solutions. Within this fast-moving environment, the Vennetics experience of delivering and supporting “DevOps for Telco” solutions to Tier 1 carriers, positions the organisation at the leading edge of key DevOps metrics.



  • Significantly lower costs due to much reduced project durations and rapid solution deliveries based on extensive automation
  • Competitive advantages from much faster time to market, due to seamless integration of development and operational environments
  • More efficient use of infrastructure when scaling both horizontally and vertically, based on deployment of micro-service containers
  • The elimination of unplanned work to launch new services, by removal of “porting” between development, staging, production, etc.
  • Sequestration of proprietary extensions, to minimise the cost bloat associated with bespoke network adaptations
  • Rapid isolation of faults and recovery from failures using the most advanced tools for managing deployments on virtual hardware
Vennetics customers enjoy the full benefits of the open source revolution, by leveraging the most robust and widely deployed solution components. Service platforms are no longer delivered as a “black box” with expensive software licenses for proprietary intellectual property. Instead, mobile carriers should expect full visibility of the entire DevOps lifecycle, including full vendor independence. The industry-leading DevOps Toolchain used to support all Vennetics solutions, fully delivers against these aspirations.