& Access

Vennetics IAS is an identity repository, designed to manage all types of cross-channel customer identity data, automatically maintaining security and privacy. IAS provides mobile operators with a single configuration point to specify which premium subscription services are included within specific price plans. The mobile operators content partners are presented with standard OAuth based integration points.

Using OAuth and other industry standand mechanisms Vennetics IAS allows subscribers on specific price plans to use their mobile credentials to authenticate and access the premium subscription services. This is achieved without exposing network resident customer data externally. Different subscribers can be provided with different levels of access to third party applications, based on their price plan profile.

In this manner, the Vennetics IAS facilitates network operators in creating new and exciting customer driven propositions designed to delight and inspire their subscribers.

Vennetics - Identity and Access Server


  • Auto-authentication of subscribers using cellular network information
  • Creation and management of application and subscriber identities, including permissions and access control
  • Supports both server to server and device / application to server call-flows with implicit and explicit authorisation mechanisms
  • Supports subscriber opt-in and opt-out of services
  • The IAS Platform includes a RADIUS Accounting Server for tracking cellular subscribers network state in real time
  • A suite of open RESTful APIs including:
    • Auto-provisioning of subscribers to network services
    • Device management across multiple applications, including registration, configuration and translation services
    • Aggregated account query information
    • Service eligibility verification using configurable rules
  • IMS profile queries
  • Support for multiple authentication protocols for applications including:
    • OAuth, Basic, Digest, HMAC, AWS, SMS OTP
    • OpenID, SAML, LDAP, Kerberos, SSO (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

The Benefits

Subscriber Benefits:

  • Removes the need to create yet another customer profile with the third party application provider. The subscriber simply uses their mobile creditentials to access the service, so there’s no need to remember yet another username and password.
  • Removes the need to create a new billing relationship or make additional payments to a third party provider as this is done via the mobile operator.
  • The subscriber benefits from exclusive and relevant offers with popular online service that their mobile operator has negotiated on their behalf.

Operator Benefits:

  • Enables mobile operators to monetise OTT traffic on their networks.
  • Extends the operators brand to the partners App and delivers a real feeling of exclusitity to their subscribers.
  • Greatly enhances the overall user experience, and injects greater value into the subscribers Mobile Phone Number as a form of ID.