& Access

Users identities are now at the core of your business. Vennetics Identity and Access Server is an identity repository built to manage all types of cross-channel customer identity data, automatically maintaining privacy compliance and stores user records securely.

The data that can be most useful for network operators to improve their business, can typically exist within a number of different silos, which are resident across various network functions. The Vennetics IAS platform provides a single unified method of identifying the subscriber data within each of those silos, incorporating a design that is fully configurable and extensible for adding new integration points.

Using the Vennetics IAS, all applications that access subscriber information can be implemented with a unified and standardised mechanism of obtaining this data access. Network operators can then retain a single access management point for establishing the commensurate security rules and permissions. The information is presented in a personalised and standardised format to both the owners of each network function and the overall business management representatives.

Vennetics - Identity and Access Server


  • Auto-authentication of subscribers using cellular network information
  • Creation and management of application and subscriber identities, including¬†permissions and access control
  • Supports both server to server and device / application to server call-flows with implicit and explicit authorisation mechanisms
  • Supports subscriber opt-in and opt-out of services
  • The IAS Platform includes a RADIUS Accounting Server for tracking cellular subscribers network state in real time
  • A suite of open RESTful APIs including:
    • Auto-provisioning of subscribers to network services
    • Device management across multiple applications, including registration, configuration and translation services
    • Aggregated account query information
    • Service eligibility verification using configurable rules
  • IMS profile queries
  • Support for multiple authentication protocols for applications including:
    • OAuth, Basic, Digest, HMAC, AWS, SMS OTP
    • OpenID, SAML, LDAP, Kerberos, SSO (Google, Twitter, Facebook, etc.)

The Benefits

  • Improved user experience through auto-authentication and SSO
  • Enhanced security profiles at a fine granularity across various application
  • Simplified auditing and reporting across many network functions
  • Increased productivity within business analysis and reduced IT costs