Our Solutions

Smart Video on Demand Apps

We integrate with the most popular VoD services such as Netflix, iTunes, Amazon Prime, YouTube Films and BBC iPlayer to name a few.

This smart approach enables you to launch a multi-screen VoD service bulging with the latest Hollywood blockbusters far quicker and far more cost effectively then was previously possible.

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Core Multi-Screen Video

Viewers are using tablets, smartphones and laptops in their everyday TV viewing, both for video consumption and to enable a social media “second screen” experience while watching TV.

Vennetics works with existing VoD platforms to ensure movie and TV content is delivered to the right device in the right form factor. Ensuring the optimum viewing experience for the user.

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Video Catalogue Aggregation

We provide your viewers with the easiest way to search, find and bookmark the movies and TV shows they want to watch.

Vennetics brings together a combined view of the most popular VoD services and uniquely curates the video content across multiple VoD catalogs into one storefront. Removing the need to search each catalog separately.

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