Vennetics Opens New Belfast Office and Announces New Jobs

March 15th 2016 – Dublin, Ireland: Vennetics, an innovator of Video on Demand (VoD)applications, had reason to celebrate this month after they opened their new office in Belfast.

The new office will serve as a major centre for key roles in product and technology development,customer support, services, and sales. Vennetics plans with the support of Invest Northern Irelandto create 15 new jobs and recruitment for the new positions is currently underway.

The new presence comes in response to proven demand for Vennetics Video on Demandapplications, where Telco companies are investing in “content aggregation” solutions rather thanbecoming an exclusive media rights-holder. Vennetics K-Box Video on Demand solution makeslife simpler for consumers by acting as an aggregator for the proliferating online video servicesand TV channels. K-Box delivers a combined view of the most popular VoD and TV services anduniquely curates the content into one easy to use Telco branded App based storefront.

Kieran Dalton, Chairman of Vennetics said: “Our objective is to double business revenue over thenext three years. We aim to achieve this by growing our customer base and differentiatingourselves in competitive global markets by providing value added products that meet people’sevolving entertainment needs. Investing in additional skilled staff will help us to achieve this goal.