Banterflix and Vennetics Launch Groundbreaking Video on Demand Service

15th January 2016 – Dublin, Ireland: Vennetics, an innovator of Video on Demand (VoD) applications, working with Banterflix have announced the launch of Banterflix “Film Club” a groundbreaking service that enables Northern Ireland viewers to search for Movie content across the leading Video on Demand Catalogues all from one easy to use site

Vennetics K-Box product provides a combined view of the most popular VoD services including Netflix, Amazon, Google Play, iTunes and YouTube. It then uniquely curates the video content from the catalogs into one easy to use converged storefront available at This means that viewers no longer need to search each VoD catalogue separately, they have a one stop view at Banterflix.

Banterflix is a popular movie review show and it’s founder and chief presenter Jim McClean said “we wanted to add a new level of movie interaction to our website, now not only can our viewers watch our latest movie reviews online, but thanks to Vennetics we can provide direct access to other movies from the same actor or director. Our viewers can also search for movies from the leading VoD providers such as Netflix, Amazon Instant Video, Google Play and iTunes all from one site

“The team at Vennetics are delighted to be working with Jim and the team at Banterflix,” said Kieran Dalton, Chairman of Vennetics. “This partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision, and underscores our commitment of delivering relevant and exciting video based solutions.”