Microsoft Media Room

Following the delivery of a J-Box based Video on Demand and IPTV solution to Bell in Canada, which is tightly integrated with the Mediaroom platform, Microsoft has accepted Vennetics into the Backstage Ecosystem of Application Providers. 

Vennetics provides the J-Box products to carriers, in order to position their broadband offerings as the preferred services for consumers who are interested in VoD and IPTV. The J-Box system enables an extensive set of social media features around consumption of premium content and also allows carriers to integrate voice, messaging and QoS features from their core networks, with J-Box based VoD Apps. In this way, specific networks can provide differentiated VoD and IPTV services to drive market share.

Vennetics provides a range of VoD and IPTV Apps as fully hosted cloud services. In this way, both browsing catalogues and also watching movies and TV shows, can be made more engaging through the integration of the experience with other aspects of a consumer’s online life. However, J-Box also integrates these Apps with core network capabilities through extensive support for a range of GSMA OneAPI enablers. For example, in addition to voice and messaging features, users can be also given the option of purchasing ephemeral bandwidth upgrades. That is, a small fee can be charged to the user for a applying a boost to their broadband QoS. This enhanced bandwidth can be applied by the J-Box system, only for VoD and IPTV traffic and only during the period that they are streaming premium content.

Kieran Dalton, Chairman of Vennetics said, “Vennetics is committed to helping carriers deliver more engaging and relevant VoD and IPTV experiences to their users. In building out this strategy, we have been mindful of the need to provide cloud based managed services where possible, in order to reduce costs and enable low friction roll outs. As the Microsoft Mediaroom products are the world’s leading VoD and IPTV systems, our ability to maintain the J-Box Apps as pre-integrated with Mediaroom through the Backstage program, will allow Vennetics to demonstrate continued commitment to a light touch deployment model.”.