Vennetics Accepted Into Netflix Open Source Software Program

Netflix, a world-leader in Video on Demand technologies, has confirmed the acceptance into their Open Source Software Program of Vennetics, an innovator in telecommunications and media applications.

Vennetics is delivering the J-Box and K-Box products into blue chip service provider networks worldwide, in order to support a novel and compelling set of new Video on Demand applications. These Vennetics applications are enjoying widespread mass market adoption in both North America and Europe, and are managing the associated scalability challenges that this implies. An important part of the Vennetics approach to software scalability is active monitoring for preventative maintenance purposes.

Vennetics is an proactive participant with respect to several Netflix Open Source Software projects, including Hystrix and Zuul. These components are used to monitor performance across all of the front end Vennetics Catalogue Facade APIs, which are consumed by a range of Video on Demand client applications on various platforms. The same technology also monitors multiple back-end J-Box and K-Box interfaces, such as those towards headend encoding platforms and mobile charging systems for carrier billing features. In this way, the J-Box and K-Box platforms can intelligently react to error conditions in other network nodes such that degradation of user experience is limited, and then automatically return to normal operation as the error condition subsides.

Kieran Dalton, Chairman of Vennetics, said “Netflix is very much a world leader, not just in the volume of their Video on Demand business but also commensurately, in the scalability of their software technologies. Within the Video on Demand software industry today, solution providers share a wide range of technical challenges and we can each learn from one another in addressing these problems, in order to maintain the best possible user experience. Vennetics is delighted to be working with Netflix in this regard.”