Digicel Stream Launched

Digicel, the largest communications company in the Caribbean, has released the Digicel Stream App, based on VoD products provided by Vennetics, an innovator in telecommunications and media applications.


The Digicel Stream App provides a localised and contemporary VoD storefront for fans of movies and premium TV shows in the Caribbean. In addition to the enhanced content discovery features, the App also for provides a social viewing experience, which makes Digicel the preferred network for consumers of VoD.

Digicel customers can now arrange virtual “Movie Nights” with their friends, coordinating their streaming experience, irrespective of their preferred device or location. The system allows users to leverage either social media platforms or direct email distribution lists to issue “Digicel Stream Invites”. Consequently, Digicel can help VoD users address the growing issue of browsing fatigue, by finding relevant and pertinent content more easily.


The K-Box products deployed by Vennetics can also extend existing VoD catalogues with proprietary Digicel content, for example to promote existing sponsorships across sports, music and other domains.


Michael Branco, Director of Business Solutions at Digicel, said “We are delighted to be bringing new VoD Apps to the market. We believe that our customers enjoy the Netflix service a lot and Vennetics have helped us to improve the Netflix experience for Digicel customers, with a compelling set of novel features and capabilities.”


Kieran Dalton, Chairman of Vennetics, said “Digicel is well known as a dynamic service provider that seeks to be at the forefront of innovation for users of data services. Everyone at Vennetics is very proud that Digicel has selected our K-Box products to support the Digicel Stream VoD Apps.”